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During my employment with The Village, I was seriously injured by one of their clients. Now there is permanent injury which I'm going to have to live with for the rest of my life.

Even though I understand the nature of behavioral health work can include being assaulted, there still isn't enough done to protect the staff here. This agency is just too greedy and puts profits before people. Since Connecticut has reduced or eliminated lots of programs for youth, there aren't many left. The Village has tried to respond to this need by becoming more flexible to meet the state's needs.

However, there needs to be a balance. The boundary line between meeting the needs of your funder (DCF) and ensuring staff safety should never be blurred.

Right now it is, and The Village is actually a very dangerous place to work. So please do a lot more to advocate for the appropriate types of referrals into the programs and improve staff safety.

Reason of review: negligent work practices.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: There's nothing that can be done to offset all of my hefty medical bills which I have sustained as a result of being seriously injured by one of this agency's clients. However, what can be done in the future is to ensure staff and client safety..

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lol.. yes very true the admin lets the kids do whatever they want no consequences for threatening to kills staff and their peers and senior admin laughs it all off and thinks its funny when the kids do very unsafe stuff and they say the cares model is therapeutic but isn't because it does not prepare any of this company program's kids getting help for how to deal with accountability in the real world


very unsafe to work at the villages programs - kids are in charge and manipulate staff to the point where we cannot do our jobs correctly the way we are hired to do - administration caters to the kids too much and makes up lots of excuses to explain why the kids are dangerous and violent, like for example the clinical administrators blame everything on trauma and over diagnose too much - as a result the kids pick up on this and they know how to manipulate their way to getting what they want and throw tantrums and other unsafe stuff; awful and unsupportive work environment at the village programs because administration is totally out of touch with reality and stays locked away in their offices instead of going into the milieu to know what it's really like on the front lines..


Wild free for all circus where the inmates are running the asylum. Very dangerous place for staff to work.

Even more dangerous for other kids to be living in these programs. DCF needs to come in here and shut some of these programs down already.


Our company doesn't care about employee safety. They treat staff terribly here and use them like objects and tools.

There is no appreciation for our hard work either. Our company has no control over the patients in their programs and allows them to do whatever they please. Now they are trying to enforce a Care model principle, which making it even harder then it already is for staff to do our job. Now the patients here can do even more out of control behavior, spit and kick staff, break property and never have to have consequences.

Safety is at all time low here in The Village for Families and Children.

Employee morale and turnover is even lower. That's why I cannot wait to find another job which places value in employee safety and well being.


actually very true though because village executives stay shut away from their staff but then when anything bad happens with the kids like 136 allegations for abuse and neglect, then the village's executives is the first to point the finger of blame like "what happened? all of a sudden. but the executives can't do the same good quality of work with these very difficult populations whom we as staff works with, so I don't know why they are also so judgmental which obviously nobody likes to be judged..


Safety practices here at The Village located in Hartford are terrible!!! Management in my opinion, doesn’t give two flying hecks how badly their employees get injured or hurt by aggressive cases who should have never been referred here in the first place!!!

Management allows the clients at The Village to just basically run wild and do whatever they want. But if you get injured as an employee, too bad!! And if you’re property gets damaged either, again that’s too bad and sucks for you!!! The company won’t replace your property, even if it gets damaged by THEIR OWN CLIENTS!!!!

All they will do is point to a sign and say “we’re not liable for losses or damages” but the part they forget to include is that their company made the decision to accept these aggressive and violent cases in the first place. Under no circumstances should you EVER work at The Village in Hartford if you value your personal safety or don’t want your property getting damaged!!!!


Upper administration doesn't care because they're not the ones dealing with the behaviors.

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