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One of the program directors by the name of Jennifer V. Lusa at The Village located in Hartford, CT is the most despicable human being who I've ever encountered in my entire life!

During the time when I was working for The Village, this program director named Jennifer Lusa spent so much energy and effort deliberately trying to screw me over and sabotage my employment. Clearly from my views and opinions, this was probably because she was extremely threatened by someone (myself) who wasn't a brainless puppet or subservient sycophant who could be easily controlled and manipulated by her. Those were the types of employees who Jennifer V. Lusa gravitated towards, and also the ones who she favored.

Other employees like myself however, who weren't able to be manipulated and controlled by her were the ones who she targeted systematically and without even thinking twice. Even more sad and pathetic than that however, was the fact that her direct supervisor, Liz Bryden (Vice President at The Village) as well as the CEO/president himself (Galo Rodriguez) both did so much to lie for, cover, and protect Jennifer V. Lusa at all costs. Clearly, this was because Jennifer Lusa was in real tight with both of them, and neither of them (Liz Bryden or Galo Rodriguez) were ever, ever going to go against one of their own....

no matter how dead wrong or unethical Jennifer Lusa behaved or conducted herself. For what was supposed to have been a human services agency specializing in helping others heal from trauma, it is such an unfortunate and devastating travesty that there should have been as much dishonesty, unethical behavior, and Nixon-Watergate type corruption and cover-ups as there were occurring at The Village every single day!

Whoever is reading these comments on this Pissed Consumer portal would be well informed and advised to stay far, far away from The Village as an employer! The agency has really gone downhill, and almost all of the members of their senior administration (including Jennifer Lusa, Galo Rodriguez, and Liz Bryden) haven't the foggiest idea of what it takes to properly and ethically run a "human" services agency..

Product or Service Mentioned: The Village For Families And Children Manager.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Preferred solution: Just do the right thing and stop being unethical. There isn't any price tag which could be listed here which would replace sound ethics..

I liked: Just the people who i worked directly with, Colleagues helped me during times of intense stress.

I didn't like: Senior administration lying, Unethical nixon-watergate types of unethical cover-ups.

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Beau Szymczak it is pretty pathetic that you still fill the need to talk about this company after all this time. This says a lot about your mental health issues.

Learn to let things go and you may live a happier life. I hope that you seek out the treatment that you so obviously need.


Ditto! S-FIT sucks!!

Close it down!

Now! LOL


sure sounds right to me also... sfit should just be closed down altogether the program is dumb, doesn't work and some the staff, austen and all managers, lusa, jason, nicole, jessica act really stupid and spread heck of rumors about everybody they don't like.. this program and some the people working in it a total joke


Yes actually these statemens are very true. All management in SFIT for this company is highly unprofessional.

They gossip about their own staff often. Management for SFIT doesn't belong in positions of power.

They act very silly and immature. They can't manage people the right way without abusing their authority.


Austin Heffernan, Nicole Shaughnessy, Jessica Garcia, and Jennifer Lusa: All 4 of you need to grow up and stop gossiping about people. This isn't Junior High School anymore...

so stop acting like it! The 4 of you were very mean spirited and unprofessional at work when I worked for this employer, and it looks like very little has changed since. Just learn to be professional for once, all 4 of you, and stop gossiping about everyone like you always did before. Everyone knows that it's the 4 of you posting all these accusatory comments and false allegations against others, thinking that they are bitter.

Take a good hard look at yourselves before righteously judging others because all 4 of you need to "move on" yourselves instead of continuing to act like a snobby immature Junior High School clique! Oh yeah....

and P.S. Austin why don't you worry more about your professional boundaries with clients, Nicole & Jessica: you should both focus more on learning how to be ethical, and of course, Jennifer: you should just quit!


Whoever wrote the comments below accusing someone else of "being bitter and now it's time to move on" why don't you take a good look at yourselves first? How can you both be so sure of who it is especially when you have no proof?

This is a completely anonymous forum. So how can you both claim to be so sure? There are a lot of people including me who don't like The Village based on how they single out certain people and target them. The assumptions made below for example about who wrote anonymous reviews about a very bad company, The Village should give any objective reader a clue about what really goes on here.

Certain managers here, Jessica and Nicole really do target people and gossip about them. They both did stuff like this so many times before against so many people like me that it really doesn't surprise me that they're once again doing it. And they both keep doing it because there's never any accountability here at The Village for when managers like Nicole Shawnesie or Jessica Garcia behave unethically. Just look at how many viewers have disagreed with all of Nicole and Jessica's assumptions, with zero proof mind you.

That should give you a clue as to who the real 'problem' employees were all along.

Anybody (like Nicole and Jessica) trying to fake it as a 'manager' while gossiping about others and not even following basic employment laws probably shouldn't still be working at The Village. How Nicole Shawnesie and Jessica Garcia still have their 'manager' jobs is beyond amazing!

to Anonymous #1594446

Everyone is so sure because you are pathetically obvious. You ramble on and on with your nonsense as usual.

The reason why there are so "many people who disagree " is because you have logged on under numerous accounts. Do stop gossiping about a job and the people you haven't worked with for years!!!!


Beau please stop trying to smear everyone's name. It has been almost a year, move on.


Its time to move on as not everything is bad at the Village. I never worked with you but to me it seems that you have a lot of unresolved mental health issues that you should probably take a look into. I hope you heal and move on.


I hope you are enjoying the sunny weather in California


Some things never change here. Once AGAIN......

(emphasis on the word AGAIN), management: Jenn Lusa and her two henchwomen (Jessica & Nicole) are breaching confidentiality and trying to figure out who is complaining about them and all of their unethical behavior. Maybe the focus of these 3 individuals: Jenn Lusa, Jessica Garcia, & Nicole Shawnessie should actually be on behaving ethically and morally in the first place - instead of acting immorally first...... and then trying to figure out who it was that is complaining about their unethical behavior second. These 3 women constantly harassed people (like myself) and breached confidentiality left and right when I had worked for this agency.

And evidently, not much has changed since. All 3 of them are still gissiping about people and spreading false, inaccurate, and untrue rumors and speculations about certain people instead of keeping certain people's names out of their mouths altogether, like they should be doing. As long as these 3 "Mean Girls" (which is really how all of them act - just like those obnoxious Prima Donna wannabes in the 2004 movie) are all "managing" the same program together, there will continue to be problems. Upper management and HR don't seem to care, however.

Here at the "wonderful" Village, that classic, metaphoric definition of insanity really does continue to live on....... and on as an infamous legacy of incompetence and moral bankruptcy amongst certain "managers" who are supposed to be role models for others. These idiots (Jenn, Nicole, & Jessica) here really do believe that they can all keep doing the same things (breaching confidentiality, targeting and harassing people, acting rude and obnoxious, and lying incessantly)........ over and over and over and over..........

and over and over and over and over again.......... and expecting different results???

Oh well, Jenn Lusa, so much for your "brilliant" PhD degree, (which by the way, really doesn't stand for anything more than Piled Higher......... and Deeper..........)

to Anonymous #1461637



Just because this director, Jenn Lusa - sorry, but I absolutely REFUSE to refer to her as "doctor" - falsely assumed that she was getting away with all of her unethical and cowardly behavior, doesn't necessarily mean that everyone else around her was that easily fooled as a result of all of her unethical cover-ups. Beneath what appears to be a very soft-spoken and unassuming demeanor, is actually a very cold, calculating, and manipulative woman in Jenn Lusa.

This particular director epitomizes all of the devilish, immoral, and sleazy antics and immature/insecure behavior which I have ever loathed in another human being. To say that she derives great pleasure and satisfaction from humiliating and targeting others while tearing them apart, and all for the glorification of her massive ego, would certainly be the understatement of the century.

My only advice to Jenn Lusa would be to just quit the social work profession altogether, and instead audition for a starring role in 'The Devil Wears Prada' - the sequel. There is absolutely zero doubt in my mind that Jenn Lusa's genuine authenticity and innate ability for playing (actually living) this particular role would put even Merryl Streep's academy award winning performances to shame!

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