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Vindictive employer: Village for Families and Children located in Hartford, CT. Once you have pissed off both management and human resources in this "social" services agency, trust and believe you will definitely get targeted and harassed!!

No question about it, agency administration will go out of their way to make your work experience here as miserable as possible. Either they will invent a way to get you out by manipulating their own policies and procedures and using them against you, or they will make your life so miserable you will have no choice but to quit. Really sad and pathetic when you consider how these people are supposedly in the business of helping others in need who are struggling in the greater Hartford community. So it boggles my mind to no end that they would act as cut-throat, vindictively and ruthlessly as they did time and time again!

Over and over again, I saw vindictive and ruthless behavior occurring from these same "social" services professionals who had the nerve to hippocritically give others in the community including their clients and families, advice on how to be more socially responsible. In fact, I saw more ruthless and cut-throat behavior occurring here at Village for Families and Children in Hartford than I'd ever seen in 30+ years of working out in the corporate world where that kind of behavior is typically expected! So my advice to whoever stumbles across this review on this consumer website is to try to remain low key. Keep your mouth shut if you don't agree with something, if not, you will definitely be retaliated against.

Just keep your mouth closed when you inevitably witness unethical behavior occurring from Village administration, and you'll be fine. Stroke people's egos here to get promotions (which you're not technically qualified for), and you'll be even better off. Above everything else, do not ever report anything to the "human" resources department here at Village for Families and Children. Human Resources is definitely not going to help you out at all.

And in fact, it's only going to make matters even worse!! Human Resources represents corrupt, unethical, and unfair management and administration in all situations and is anything but "fair" and "neutral." (Trust me, I worked here long enough to see how this agency really operates and I assure you it is definitely not in accordance with their friendly colorful stick figures in their logo or their mission statement that they don't actually follow.) Once you do report anything unfair or unethical here at this agency as an employee, you will immediately get blacklisted.

Reason of review: Retaliation.

Preferred solution: Just stop being unethical and vindictive. That is my proposed solution..

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Quite honestly, there were so many negative aspects to working here at The Village located in Hartford, Connecticut that I really wouldn’t even know where to begin with my comments. First off, the overall “culture” here at this agency could only best be described as deceptive, unethical, sneaky, cutthroat, and extremely vindictive.

There is nothing “transparent” about the overall culture here at this agency, and take my word for it, the C.E.O. (Galo Rodriguez) definitely does not have an “open door” policy whatsoever. Throughout the entire course of my employment here at The Village in Hartford, the C.E.O. of this agency never once had a single conversation with me.

In fact, I can probably count on one hand (and still have fingers leftover) the number of words that the C.E.O. of this “social” services agency had even uttered to me throughout the entire course of my employment. There were plenty of dirty, intimidating, nasty, and downright hostile glares which I’d received from the C.E.O. (Galo Rodriguez) during my employment here at The Village; unfortunately though, there wasn’t a single conversation which took place between myself and him.

Related to that point then, some of the other “management” (Jessica Garcia, Nicole Shaughnessy, and Jennifer Lusa) in particular got very creative with the ways in which they deliberately targeted, bullied, and harassed me on numerous occasions. There were countless instances when I had been unfairly targeted for certain policy infractions which these three “managers” failed to hold other employees equally accountable for. Likewise, and related to that point, the overall “managerial” behavior of these three women in particular was beyond cliquey, catty, and just downright immature. All three of them routinely took turns manipulating the policies and procedures in such a way that it basically sabotaged my employment (and my efforts to be successful within the employer) at every imaginable turn.

Sadly, the worst part of my employment though was how disengaged and disinterested the H.R. team was. I personally felt as though they couldn’t give two flying cares about me as an employee, or any of the legitimate concerns which I had broached time and again, unfortunately, to no avail. That alone, if nothing else, was probably the single greatest disappointment for me.

The juxtaposition of the words “human” and “resources” together, in my mind at least, immediately triggers a vision of qualified, caring, and genuinely concerned professionals who really want to bring out the best in both their employees and their management teams. Here at The Village though, the H.R. team was so far removed from that ideal of standards, that it still sends shivers up my spine thinking about how unbelievably rude, callous, abrasive, dismissive, and just downright unprofessional many of them had conducted themselves. There are probably pages and pages of other negative comments which I could write or include here in this review on Pissed Consumer about some of the deceptive and less than “transparent” work practices here at The Village.

Quite honestly though, none of those opinions or comments would really matter all that much, and they certainly wouldn’t make even one iota of difference in terms of effectuating resolution or improvement. Most of the administration (at all levels) here at The Village remain hopelessly stuck in denial in my opinion, and continually operate under the delusional assumption that they are invincible and infallible.


Not trying to be ignorant or mean but I haven't seen so much immaturity since like elementary school here. Several of the staff, administration, even HR and executives in this business all act very immature and cliquey. These people need to grow up already and start acting like adults.


O.M.G.!!!! Yaaaassss!!!

So true what everybody else wrote and its all because of this guy's Napoleonic short man complex!!! (Which he must obviously feel very insecure about!!!) This guy is soooooooo unbelievably ARROGANT AND CONCEITEDLY OBNOXIOUS!!!! He's a real tool and shouldn't be in charge of any workforce and definitely not one as large as The Villages!! Nothing is going to change though, this guy is in like Flynn because the chief executive president of the board, Galo Rodriguez and Henry Burgos go waaaaayyyyy back like a Cadillac with 2 flats!!!

No way is Henry going to be forced out, sadly this guy is here to stay for the long haul. And ob course will continue to keep firing more and more and more staff!!!!

Just like he did to so many of us, called WRONGFUL TERMINATION!!!!!

Everbody reading this right now: DO NOT EVER WORK AT THE VILLAGE!!!!!


their chief of their human resource division in the village for family and children named mr. henry burgos is very obnoxious and full of himself and obviously impressed with his executive title when nobody else is

and mr.

henry burgos levels of expertise in human resources is very poor too , because he does not protect the employees from vindictive and abusive management who keep abusing their power

((because they know human resource won't ever do anything about it and that's why is why management keeps getting away with murder by doing lots of illegal stuff )

now hopefully their chief executive president named mr. galo rodriguez will stop with all the favoritism and nepotism in his company pretending like all his top management and executives belong to his social circle instead of conduct his workplace with professionalism and integrity..


Totally repulsed and sickened by this place. Lots of people working here: staff, middle management, senior management, and even HR just love kicking others.

Especially, when they are down and out and down on their luck. What a shame when you think about the kind of work we do.


Henry Burgos, the guy in charge of "human" resources at The Village was beyond awful!!!!!!! There is absolutely no way on our green Earth this guy would have ever lasted for even 5 seconds at any other company expecting qualified and competent people heading up their human resources departments.

This guy was rude, condescending, and didn't have even the slightest clue of how to run an H.R. department!!! Henry didn't do a single thing as the chief of H.R. to make sure that managers were held accountable for their unethical actions.

Instead, all he did was 'pass the buck' and reduce everything to these few words: "management can do as it chooses depending on the needs of the department....." Okay Henry, does that also include allowing management here to just run wild and do whatever they want??? Because that is exactly the message you sent out to the entire agency with your rude, condescending, and downright dismissive attitude!!! My management who I worked for here at this 'wonderful' agency did whatever they wanted, and Henry didn't do a darn thing to help me escape all of the bullying and harassment I experienced!!!! Unfortunately, his boss Galo Rodriguez treats all the executives on his team including Henry like they're all part of his elite inner circle.

That is the ONLY way Henry Burgos still has his job......

protection and shielding from his boss and fellow buddy, Galo Rodriguez. Good 'ole nepotism and favoritism at its finest here at the wonderful Village......


I think it is just absolutely terrible how this company operates. They do not practice what they preach, in terms of fairness and respect toward employees.

For example,e human resources people here are very snobby and minimize all the unethical stuff occurring here. My feeling is human resources puts 'red flags' next to certain employees names who complain about unethical stuff. Then it makes it much easier for the company to get rid of them later on...... I witnessed this happen thousands and thousands and thousands of times, literally during the time I worked here.

Employees who complained about ethical issues or having their workplace rights violated were were targeted, harassed and many of them were ultimately forced out. The role of human resources in any company is obviously to ensure orderly operations of the company. However, here at this company (Village for Children and Families) the human resources people were very, very, VERY sneaky!! In my opinion, they are more concerned with doing whatever it takes to minimize bad publicity against the company.

Which of course, reflects very poorly on them in human resources for not doing their jobs properly of ensuring that ALL managers are abiding by basic employment laws. This doesn't happen at Villafe for Children & Families however, and the reason why so many are left feeling hopelessly frustrated........ like they are just hopelessly stuck in a workplace which is highly unethical and extremely toxic!!! (That's definitely how I felt the whole time I worked here.) Lucky for me, I was able to finally escape this abusive and toxic workplace.

However, now I'd like to warn others about this company. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS AND LOOK FOR EMPLOYMENT ANYWHERE ELSE!!!


Managers blackball employees for interpersonal issues between them. Sadly, if you go to HR for guidance, they will flip everything back around on you and paint YOU as the problem!

You'll be accused of not being a "team player." Or management will do pretty much whatever else it wants to make your experience here as miserable as possible until you either get fired or quit. Pretty sad and pathetic (and very ironic) especially when you consider that The Village For Families & Children, Inc.

is supposed to be a "human" services agency. Yet internally, managers and employees and even HR can't practice compassion or empathy themselves...


Nothing ever changes here because executive administration and HR both remain stuck in denial. For example, there was tons of turnover at this place!!

It was like a revolving door all the time because The Village was constantly terminating members in its workforce because of ineffective policies which were impossible to satisfy. Another issue which was never dealt with was managerial retaliation. If you disagreed with your manager, you were definitely retaliated against like what happened to me sooooo many times!!!

As for the CEO of The Village, all he ever did was hide in his office all the time! CEO (Galo Rodriguez) had very poor 'managerial' skills, and treated his entire executive team more as friends in his elite social clique rather than holding some of them accountable for some of the highly illegal and extremely unethical things which they were doing.

Manchester, Connecticut, United States #1331851

too much negativity and complaining from management, programs are grossly understaffed, tons of high turnover and lots of burnout, waste of money on hundreds of thousands of dollars for unnecessary administrative salaries but no monies left over to give to staff working directly with the kids and families, zero appreciation and recognition, very low pay and poor benefits in exchange for terrible treatment of company staff


Just because this organization thinks they got away with treating their employees unfairly or unethically does not mean their bad actions are easily forgotten. During the whole time I worked here, I also had horrific experiences!!

I was retaliated against on multiple occasions and scapegoated for reporting: mistreatment of the youth in one of the programs I worked at, falsification and tampering of employee files including mine, constant gossiping and breach of confidentiality (including by management who was supposed to act like role models.) You name it, I saw it and experienced it while working for The Village. Maybe they will learn from their mistakes and stop acting so unethically and dishonestly, but I think that is quite doubtful!

Storrs Mansfield, Connecticut, United States #1318500

Management is allowed to bully and harass employees at this company because there is no recourse. Some of them know that H.R.

will never intervene, no matter how unethical some of them behave. There is a general culture of minimization, dishonesty, and lying at this company: The Village. Management relies on H.R. taking a very passive role and kicking everything back down the company's useless chain of command.

As a result, management takes advantage of this and they are allowed to do pretty much whatever they want since they know H.R. will never hold them accountable for their actions.

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